The Best ATV Trails in Manitoba: Exploring the Great Outdoors

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Looking for the ultimate ATV adventure in Manitoba? We have you covered! Discover some of the best ATV trails in the province, offering various terrains and experiences for off-roading enthusiasts. From forested trails to sandy beaches, there's something for everyone. Read on to find your next ATV adventure in Manitoba.

Sandilands Provincial Forest is an increasingly well-liked quadding area. The Eastman ATV Association maintains the riding zones here, with sandy, variable terrain making it an exciting place to go. The trails are tightly packed and will take you on twists and turns; some areas have a bit of water or other natural features to make things interesting. The staging area can be found on Dawson Road. This 56km loop is a more moderate option than the Little Big Foot Trail in Woodridge, which is not far from here.

Delve into a 20.0-km out-and-back trail near Division No. 20, Manitoba. This moderately challenging route takes about 4 h 30 min to complete and is popular for backpacking, camping, and fishing. Open year-round, the trail offers a beautiful experience at any time, and dogs are welcome on a leash.

Traverse a 13.0-km out-and-back trail with a moderate difficulty level. It takes an average of 2 h 57 min to complete, and it's a popular choice for camping, fishing, and hiking. Open year-round, this picturesque trail welcomes leashed dogs.

Located near Duck Mountain Provincial Park, Swan River offers some of the most beloved quadding spots in Manitoba. The upper dam route is particularly popular, with the Mossberry Trail providing a challenging experience for experienced riders. Be sure to check for ATV use restrictions and wildfire conditions before heading out.

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Venture to Woodridge, Manitoba, and experience hundreds of kilometers of ATV trails. The Little Big Foot Trail is a 75-kilometer loop that runs through Woodridge Provincial Park, with a moderate difficulty level. Five neighboring communities offer ample opportunities for rest, supplies, and dining.

Ride through Porcupine Provincial Forest, featuring boreal forest and wide gravel trails perfect for quadding. With 40 unserviced campsites and scenic look-outs, this area also offers excellent fishing opportunities.

Explore a 13.4-km loop trail near Belair, Manitoba, featuring a moderately challenging route. Ideal for mountain biking, ebikes, off-road driving, and running, this trail offers a peaceful getaway with minimal foot traffic.

Sunrise Corner offers hundreds of kilometers of designated and maintained trails through Woodridge Provincial Park and Sandilands Provincial Forest. With two amazing trails and five great communities for lodging, dining, and refueling, Sunrise Corner is a must-visit for ATV riders.

The Rossburn Subdivision Trail, spanning almost 175 km, is one of Manitoba's longest portions of the Trans Canada Trail. This trail visits charming local towns and follows along the boundary of Riding Mountain National Park. Explore historical sites, birding areas, and immerse yourself in local culture. While ATVing isn't specifically listed as a promoted activity, the trail's design and maintenance cater to off-road vehicles, making it a popular choice for off-roaders. Additionally, the Rossburn Subdivision is groomed and maintained throughout the winter for snowmobile use, allowing for year-round exploration.

Nestled within Duck Mountain Provincial Park, Manitoba, the Duck Mountain Trails offer a remote off-roading experience amidst thick forests and crystal-clear lakes. These trails are perfect for those seeking an off-the-grid adventure. Just make sure to come prepared with enough supplies for your journey.

The wooded terrain is home to an abundance of wildlife, and the deep lakes offer excellent freshwater fishing opportunities. With numerous camping sites available, you can extend your ATV adventure over multiple days.

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The Canada powersports scene has never been more popular and Manitoba is no exception with an array of ATV trails for every off-roading enthusiast to explore and enjoy. From dense forests to sandy beaches, there is an adventure waiting for riders of all abilities. Whether you're in search of a challenging trail, a scenic ride, or a family-friendly outing, Manitoba's ATV trails cater to all preferences.

Grab your ATV gear, invite your friends or family, and embark on a memorable journey through Manitoba's beautiful landscapes. Remember to follow ATV safety guidelines, adhere to trail rules, and respect the environment to ensure these trails remain enjoyable and accessible for all.