Conquering Canada's Terrain: Your Ultimate Guide to Outfitting Your Side by Side

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Welcome to "Conquering Canada's Terrain: Your Ultimate Guide to Outfitting Your Side by Side". This comprehensive guide will help you transform your Side by Side vehicle into a true companion, ready to navigate the diverse and challenging landscapes of Canada's great outdoors. From lush forests to rugged terrains, your adventure awaits.

Through practical advice straight from seasoned explorers, we'll walk you through the essential tools, equipment, and accessories you need. From towing and maintenance tools to communication devices, and even attire recommendations, this guide prepares you to tackle Canada's wilderness head-on. So strap in and gear up, your next grand adventure is just around the bend!


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Essential Towing and Pulling Tools

  • Purchase a winch and install it on your side by side. We recommend it to be a minimum 4500lb winch to get the job done. We're equipped with the FieryRed 5500lb winch and have never had any issues with our 2018 RZR 1000.
  • Get a 1 1/2 ton Come Along to pull your rig out of trouble where your winch may not do the trick.
  • Choose a braided tow rope over nylon as nylon tends to stretch on short pulls. If you're riding in wide open spaces, 100 feet should do the trick in most cases.
  • Buy a 10ft tow strap to connect to your winch and loop around trees when needed.
  • Buy some anchor shackles. These can connect two straps, ropes, etc.


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Tire Maintenance Tools

  • Pick up a plug kit for tire repair as well as a small compressor that can plug into the cigarette lighter. This will be essential if you get a flat off the beaten trail.
  • A portable jack can help you hen you're in a bind. Bring along some blocks just in case you're in an area without footing.
  • Carry a can of high ether starting fluid. You can spray a bit on the inside and around the edge of your tire, then ignite to pop it off quickly.


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Additional Upgrades

  • Install a roof and a split windshield on your side by side. These are essential comfort items to protect yourself against rain, dust, mud and sun.
  • If you frequently encounter less traveled trails with fallen trees, consider getting a chainsaw as well as a mount kit for it.
  • If you're hunting, pay up for a quality gun rack to ensure it is well secured for your trip.
  • If you're travelling at all hours, consider adding a light bar for extra visibility. Even a small, inexpensive light bar can


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Tools and Equipment

  • Always carry a basic tool kit with a socket set, vice grips, adjustable wrench, and a multi-headed screwdriver.
  • Consider adding a multi-tool to your kit. Leatherman makes some of the best products in the business, but you can also pickup some fair quality ones on Amazon Canada. 
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Communication and Navigation Devices

  • We highly recommend the Garmin inReach Mini for emergency communication in areas with little or no cell phone coverage. You can pick one up online at Garmin's website or at outdoors stores such as Cabela's.
  • Garmin or a similar quality GPS is also a nice add-on to keep track of your routes. We use the Oregon 700 and have never had any issues.


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Clothing and Safety Items

  • Purchase chest waders so you can take a dip in deep water & mud holes. This will help to determine if an obstacle is able to be traverse.
  • Always pack a fully-stocked first aid kit.
  • Consider packing a change of clothes and having warmer clothes on hand.
  • Pick up some bug spray and always bring more food than you think you will need.
  • Consider bringing a fire starter, an axe, and BBQ starter to make a fire if necessary.


As we conclude our guide, we trust that you're now well-prepared to navigate Canada's diverse landscapes with your Side by Side as a trusty companion. From towing tools to communication devices and safety kits, you're equipped to tackle any trail ahead. Remember, while we've shared seasoned explorers' wisdom, the wilderness is unpredictable, so stay alert, prioritize safety, and respect the environment. We hope this guide has inspired you to venture forth, conquer the terrain, and create your own thrilling off-road stories.

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