Frame It Right: A Complete Guide to Photographing Your Used ATV for Sale

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When it comes to selling a used ATV, be it a quad or a side by side, the photographs you use can make a world of difference. They can either lure in potential buyers or turn them off before they've even read your description. Here, we've assembled a step-by-step guide on how to photograph your ATV to show it off in its best light.

Front facing picture of a can-am outlander quad

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Think of photographing your ATV as a storytelling process. Each picture you take should tell a part of your ATV's journey - from the care you've put into maintaining it, to the adventurous trips it has embarked upon.

  • You might think a handful of pictures is enough, but when it comes to selling your ATV, you can never have too many photos. Capturing it from every angle, from top to bottom and under, tells the potential buyer you've got nothing to hide.
  • Never underestimate the power of natural light when taking these pictures. It brings out the genuine colors of your ATV, showcasing its actual condition and making it look more appealing.


Set the Stage Right

The background you choose for your pictures is just as important as the subject itself.

  • An outdoor setting that complements your ATV can accentuate its features and appeal. Remember to keep it clean and clutter-free; a chaotic backdrop can distract from your ATV's allure and a messy garage can hint at poor ownership pride.
  • To add a dash of excitement to your listing, consider adding a video of your ATV in action. There's nothing like seeing and hearing it run to get a potential buyer's adrenaline pumping.


Honesty is the Best Policy

If your used ATV has any damage or wear and tear, make sure to include clear photos of these areas. This honesty gives buyers the confidence that you're not trying to hide any significant issues, and they're more likely to trust your listing. Remember, originality trumps perfection - avoid using stock photos at all costs.

Honda ATV in a back yard listed for sale

Maintenance Matters

Nothing says you care for your ATV more than regular maintenance. Having a recent service or inspection from an ATV mechanic not only extends its life but also gives potential buyers peace of mind. A well-maintained machine is always more likely to fetch top dollar.


The Finishing Touch: Clean Your Ride

Finally, before you begin your photoshoot, ensure you clean your ATV to show it off in its best light. A machine covered in dried, caked mud might hint at neglect. A clean and polished ATV, on the other hand, implies that you take good care of your machine, which can be a major selling point.


Remember that every detail counts when selling your used ATV. The effort you put into photographing your quad or side by side can be the deciding factor between a quick sale and a long-drawn-out process. Now, get out there, get clicking, and best of luck with your sale!

A side by side is loaded onto a trailer